Help patients compare cost and local availability of prescriptions based on insurance coverage


Help patients find labs and imaging centers based on location and insurance coverage


Help patients obtain referrals to specialists based on location and insurance coverage 

The challenge is organized into two phases with the goal of producing a mobile or web application for average consumers. Pre-Register to indicate your interest in the challenge, and you'll be sent an application for Phase I.



THE CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT STAGE: The goal of Phase 1 is to create a promising game plan. While the submission does not require a functioning product, it should demonstrate a potential scalable solution to the problem outlined above.

Submission Deadline: Monday, March 13th, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST

Submission Requirements:

  • A 500 word description of the solution describing what makes it unique, and how it will help patients make better decisions 
  • A mockup of the solution’s design

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Impact: To what extent does the solution provide significant support by helping patients make decisions following a doctor’s appointment?
  • Creativity and Ingenuity: How unique and innovative is the solution?
  • UI/UX Design: How user friendly, visually engaging and well-organized is the design?


  • Five teams will be selected as finalists and move onto Phase II & will each receive $5,000 to be used toward the development of the submitted solution




THE BREAKTHROUGH STAGE: The goal of Phase 2 is to create a fully functional and installed application with the ability to demonstrate effectiveness and support its users in making health care decisions.

Submission Deadline: Monday June 19th, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST

Submission Requirements:

  • A 500 word description of the app or tool describing its utility and what makes it more effective than comparable tools
  • A 5 minute video displaying how the app or tool works and how it would be used by the public to inform decisions following doctors’ appointments
  • A link to a working application or tool

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Effectiveness: How effectively does the app or tool save the patient time and effort in making health care decisions?
  • Patient Centered: How well does the app or tool cater to the specific needs of any individual patient?
  • Scalability: How appealing is the app or tool for use by the public?
  • Market Potential: What is the potential for the app or tool to make a significant impact in the market?


  • First Place:  $50,000
  • Second Place: $15,000
  • Third Place: $10,000