Data & APIs


PokitDok's Pharmacy APIs provide insight into a patient's prescription benefits. There are three pharmacy APIs available for this challenge: Pharmacy Plans, Pharmacy Formulary, and In-Network Pharmacy. These APIs return drug coverage, cost, restrictions, and in-network pharmacies. The data available via these APIs reflect the information from Medicare Part C and D plans. 


Vericred is a healthcare data services company, operating at the intersection of health insurance and technology. Its plan design and rate, provider-network and formulary datasets are available through a REST API. Vericred’s mission is to enable innovation in healthcare through data. Vericred is providing access to each of its datasets which include:

Health Plan Design & Rate Data: All elements required to display and quote individual and group plans. Includes 50+ SBC plan data elements.
Formulary Data: Provides details on which drugs are covered by which plans and at what tier level, along with restrictions.
Provider-Network Data: Provides details on which doctors and facilities participate in which networks and plans. 


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